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Stepper FIMC
4-Channel Encoder Trigger: 9...36V
Powered, Quadrature Encoder Interface for frequencies up to 1000KHz with 100Mbps Ethernet Interface

eTrigger is an innovative system that allows the continuous monitoring of the encoder state and produce a trigger output at the exact encoder positions. Up to 4 separate encoder positions may be used for triggering purposes.

It's a perfect solution for an automatic control of industrial and commercial machine vision applications. High speed communication is the key for a flexibility and efficiency. The ability of “on the fly” injections, gives the opportunity to reach the optimal performance and save your time for trigger configuration.

The build-in processor is used to calculate not only the status of the encoder, but also the trigger point in advance*, depending on velocity of the motor. The Hardware supports up to 1000 KHz Encoder Frequency.


Typical Applications:

  • Time efficient industrial and commercial applications
  • Vision solutions / camera trigger
  • Motion control applications


  • Up to 4 Programmable triggers
  • 4 maskable output channels for each trigger
  • Selectable movement direction (forwards, backwards or both) for each trigger
  • Ability to store the configuration into Flash ROM
  • Support for high-speed encoders with operating frequency up to 1000KHz
  • Realtime trigger position calculation depending on current motor speed
  • Ethernet/UDP and RS232 communication interfaces
  • Configurable trigger duration

Mechanical & Electrical Specifications and Pinouts:
eTrigger Dimensions & PinoutSchematic wiring of the channel output connectors
eTrigger Dimensions & PinoutSchematic wiring of the channel output connectors

RS232 Pinout:
DE-9 pinSignal NameDescriptionDirection
3RXData ReceiveIN
2TXData TransmitOUT
5GNDSignal ground

Channel Outputs:
Signal NameDescriptionDirectionVoltage
TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4 (Channel 1....4)Channel outputOUTmin: VDD-1V
GNDChannel groundGND

Encoder Pinout:
Signal NameDescriptionDirectionVoltage
A-Encoder Phase A-IN-7...+12V
A+Encoder Phase A+IN-7...+12V
B-Encoder Phase B-IN-7...+12V
B+Encoder Phase B+IN-7...+12V
INDEX-Encoder Phase INDEX-IN-7...+12V
INDEX+Encoder Phase INDEX+IN-7...+12V
GNDEncoder GroundGND

TTL Encoder Pinout:
Signal NameDescriptionDirectionVoltage
ATTL Encoder Phase AIN0...+5V
BTTL Encoder Phase BIN0...+5V
GNDTTL Encoder GroundGND

Power Supply:
Signal NameDescriptionVoltage
VDDPower supply+9...+36V

Supply voltage (VDD)+9....+36 V
Encoder input voltage (A±, B±, INDEX±)-7...+12 V
TTL Encoder input voltage (A±, B±, INDEX±)0...+5 V
Trigger channels output voltagemin: (VDD-1V)
Ethernet communication speed100 Mbps
RS232115200 bps, 8 bit, 1 stopbit, no-parity
Max trigger reaction time10 μs (100 KHz)
Max encoder frequencyup to 1000 Khz

FIMC1 v3.0
Stepper motor controller with integrated motion controller


  • Two product versions: normal FIMC1V3A and extended FIMC1V3X;
  • Up to 5A motor coil current, 2.5A per coil;
  • Full, half, quarter, or sixteenth microstepping options;
  • Motor power supply: operation over 12 to 50 V supply voltage range;
  • RS232 serial interface (TTL) for the communication;
  • Integrated motion controller;
  • Velocity up to 105steps/sec;
  • Acceleration and deceleration up to 105steps/sec2;
  • Positioning, constant velocity, soft stop, halt operation modes;
  • Position from –2147483648 to 2147483647;
  • Small module size 48.3mm x 30.5mm;
  • Perfect for using in common Arduino applications;


FIMC1V3 Drawing

Max motor current per coil:1.5A2.5A
Max motor current:3A5A
Full step:
Half step:
Quarter step:
Sixteenth step:
Motor operating voltage:12V .. 50V12V .. 50V
Controller operating voltage:3.1V .. 3.5V3.1V .. 3.5V

FIMC1V3A and FIMC1V3X board plan:

FIMC1V3A/X board plan

Schematic plan, typical application:

FIMC1V3A/X schematic plan

Communication protocolBaud rate 115200, data bits 8, stop bit 1, no parity bit:
A command begins with instruction code and ends with a carriage return '\r' (ASCII 0x0D). Multiple commands can be transmitted with a semicolon as separator. For example, single command: 'help\r' or multiple commands 'ac=100;ac;dc\r'.

There are 'read' and 'write' command types. 'Read' command only gets a value or parameter, 'write' command sets a parameter and shows a current value of the parameter in the response.

For example, read command (get current acceleration):
controller read command: 'ac\r'
controller response: 'ac=1000\r'

For example, write command (set current acceleration to 2000 steps/sec2):
controller write command: 'ac=2000\r'
controller response: 'ac=2000\r'

Commands overview(R=read command, W=write command):
commandR,Wdescription and examples
hp, helpRdisplay a help screen with a list of possible commands
no additional values;
vr, verRget current software version
no additional values;
command: vr\r
response: vr=FIMC1-\r
rsWreset the device, all parameters will be set to default values
no additional values;
command: rs\r
response: rs=1\r
mmR,Wget/set current motor mode
allowed values:
0=halt: if a motion is currently in progress (motor runs), it will be halted immediatly;
1=position mode: in this mode motor position can be controlled with tp (target position) parameter;
2=velocity mode: motor runs with constant velocity sp and rotation direction rd;
3=soft stop mode: if a motion is currently in progress (motor runs), it will be stopped with a deceleration dc;
command (read): mm\r
response (read): mm=0\r
command (write): mm=1\r
response (write): mm=1\r
msR,Wget/set current microstepping resolution
allowed values:
1=full step (default);
2=half step;
4=quarter step (only FIMC1V3X);
16=sixteenth step (only FIMC1V3X);
command (read): ms\r
response (read): ms=1\r
command (write): ms=2\r
response (write): ms=2\r
cpR,Wget/set current motor position (position mode mm=1)
allowed values: –2147483648 to 2147483647;
command (read): cp\r
response (read): cp=-321654\r
command (write): cp=987321\r
response (write): cp=987321\r
WARNING: if you change current motor position (cp) in position mode (mm=1), motor will run to the target position (tp).
To change current and target position at a time use ct command.
tpR,Wget/set target motor position (position mode mm=1)
allowed values: –2147483648 to 2147483647;
command (read): tp\r
response (read): tp=-321654\r
command (write): tp=987321\r
response (write): tp=987321\r
WARNING: if you change target motor position (tp) in position mode (mm=1), motor will run from the current (cp) to the target position (tp).
To change current and target position at a time use ct command.
acR,Wget/set motor acceleration in steps/sec2
allowed values: 1 to 100000;
command (read): ac\r
response (read): ac=100\r
command (write): ac=900\r
response (write): ac=900\r
dcR,Wget/set motor deceleration in steps/sec2
allowed values: 1 to 100000;
command (read): dc\r
response (read): dc=100\r
command (write): dc=900\r
response (write): dc=900\r
spR,Wget/set motor target speed in steps/sec
allowed values: 1 to 100000;
command (read): sp\r
response (read): sp=100\r
command (write): sp=900\r
response (write): sp=900\r
s0R,Wget/set motor start speed in steps/sec
allowed values: 1 to sp;
command (read): s0\r
response (read): s0=10\r
command (write): s0=90\r
response (write): s0=90\r
csRget motor current speed in steps/sec
command (read): cs\r
response (read): cs=54\r
ctWset motor current and target position at a time.
allowed values: –2147483648 to 2147483647;
command (write): ct=98543\r
response (write): ct=98543\r
WARNING: it is NOT the same as tp=0;cp=0; because between these commands motor can run.
rpWset motor current and target position to zero at a time, same as ct=0
no additional values;
command (write): rp\r
response (write): rp=1\r
mcR,Wget/set motor moves counter (quantity of motor movements)
allowed values: 0 to 4294967295;
command (read): mc\r
response (read): mc=12\r
command (write): mc=0\r
response (write): mc=0\r
scR,Wget/set motor stops counter (quantity of motor stops)
allowed values: 0 to 4294967295;
command (read): sc\r
response (read): sc=12\r
command (write): sc=0\r
response (write): sc=0\r
rdR,Wget/set motor rotation direction in velocity mode
allowed values: 0,1;
command (read): rd\r
response (read): rd=0\r
command (write): rd=1\r
response (write): rd=1\r
ciR,Wget/set motor current in % in idle state (motor is not running)
100% for FIMC1V3A is 3A (1.5A per coil);
100% for FIMC1V3X is 5A (2.5A per coil);
allowed values: 0 to 100;
command (read): ci\r
response (read): ci=0\r
command (write): ci=5\r
response (write): ci=5\r
crR,Wget/set motor current in % in run state (motor is running)
100% for FIMC1V3A is 3A (1.5A per coil);
100% for FIMC1V3X is 5A (2.5A per coil);
allowed values: 0 to 100;
command (read): cr\r
response (read): cr=0\r
command (write): cr=30\r
response (write): cr=30\r

1. switch on;
2. transmit setup commands:
3. wait for response:
4. transmit commands:
5. wait for response:
6. motor makes 100 steps forward!
7. transmit commands:
8. wait for response:
9. motor makes 100 steps backward!



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